Dragonfang.Com is the domain of Russell Herschler: graphic artist, aspiring art educator, and game accessory designer.

Originally This site was for what would have been Russ' specialized game store. That didn't come to fruition, but he kept this doamin and uses it for his own web address. The products that started him on the path to opening a store are still available here.

Currently Russ works as a freelance graphic designer & social media consultant. He also attends classes at Oakland University to obtain his K-12 certification as an art educator. Eventually this site will be replaced with a more all encompasing site, but for now, this temporary site will have to do.

He also is a co-founder and producer for Killer B Productions. Providers of live movie shows at the Royal Oak Landmark Main Art Theater. Productions include our siganture "Attack Of The Killer B's" shows, which feature craptacular films, soundly lambasted by the crew and audience alike. Laser pointers, beach balls, balloons, and a assortment of fun live characters make these family friendly events fun for one & all.

We also produce "Stoogefest". A tribute to The Three Stooges, featuring 5 shorts and additional fun and prizes for all. We sought to elevate the Three Stooges film festival into more than a simple 'come in, sit down, watch, the leave' affair, and the fact that we are currently working on our third is a testament to the shows success.